Jac La Greca - Guitar - Composition

Let's bet that the leader will have come up with an other ''Magical Formula'', 
the last title which is as marvellous as the whole album
Renaud Czarnes - Jazzman 

La Greca is incredibly slick and poised in his very jazzy approach to fusion
John W. Patterson/All About Jazz/EER-MUSIC

We have to recognize the quality of work of Jac La Greca and Leandro Aconcha,
his keyboard companion. The future is theirs. Guitar & Keyboards

Rarely do you come across such a collection of high quality musicians 
on one album. Jazz-rock guitarist Jac La Greca has pulled together 

his nearest and dearest for his new project Ipsis Quest

Frank Blades for Alternate View

fusion jazzMP3 Excerpts from the CD "Ipsis Quest"on Musea Records (reduced quality for faster load)

Dao Dermo 

Peine Perdue
Formule Magique
Video excerpt

Detailed Press

Compositions : Jac La Greca
Recorded and Mixed at Piccolo Studio - Paris

Engineered by Vincent Bruley

Assistant engineer : Pascale Potrel

Mastering : Top Master - Paris